No structure is safe from bacteria, viruses, or mold. Opportunistic pathogens permeate our lives with increasingly unpredictable and gruesome outcomes. Societal evidence speaks for itself and CDC studies demonstrate that current market solutions have been lacking for decades. 

Existing products alone cannot mitigate the threats posed by both existing and emerging opportunistic pathogens. The molecule, Klean, was specifically designed to provide a long-term solution addressing the complexities of microbial growth, mutation, and transfer of these microorganisms. Current disinfectants may kill on contact when allowed to stay wet for the prescribed dwell time. But, in many situations, they dry or are wiped dry before the recommended dwell time. When dry, some bacterial interaction is greatly diminished leaving microbes unaffected. The result is a microbial transfer from an infected surface to our hands and to our eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. 

Our advanced solution is exactly the opposite. Klean® is an EPA registered, non-toxic, water-based product that acts as a surface barrier protectant that reaches its full strength AFTER it dries. It eliminates bacteria and protects treated porous and non-porous surfaces for a minimum of 90 days in high-touch areas. Surfaces that have been covered up by drywall will continue to protect against mold spores for many years to come.


  • CLEAN – To ensure that the air in your home is clean and sanitary. You must have a clean air delivery system. That means that you must clean your air ducts and HVAC System.
  • DISINFECT – In order to properly disinfect your home, we recommend the complete fogging of your structure with the Klean Application. We will fog your walls, floors, HVAC system & ductwork, and all furniture. After the home is completely disinfected this application continues to protect for a period of 3-6 months!
  • PROTECT – After the application of the Klean Disinfectant Protectant, your home’s surfaces will be protected from germs, bacteria, mold, and viruses for a period of 3-6 months. But with the added installation of a Whole Home Air Purifier, the air in your home and within the air delivery system(HVAC) will also be sanitized and protected. Ensuring clean and healthy air, preventing the spread of additional viruses, bacteria, and germs.